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Project Description
The Silverlight Google Search Application uses Google Search API and behaves like Internet Search Application with option to preview desired page in web browser direct in this application. It is developed in C# and support out-of-browser mode.

I tried to experiment with the Google Search API for non-javascript environments. It accepts requests via RESTful interface and returns results via JSON.

You have to encode your search request in this way:
It means to search for Silverlight, return 8 results (large result size), start with result at index 10.

I built a simple silverlight client, that makes requests to this service by WebClient class , convert the JSON result to an XML and then parse it to a collection of GoogleSearchResult(class) objects shown in ItemsControl.

I tested the new WebBrowser control in which, you can preview desired search result. Because it works only in Out of Browser mode I practiced utilization of InstallState and IsRunningOutOfBrowser properties to provide install button and determine whether application runs OoB or not.

More information about this project and other useful resources you could find on my blog

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